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The wall directly behind the carrot patch is impossible to climb up even if you have enough stamina (probably because it expects you to jump to the side)

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I finished game first time with only 6 stamina. Played it next day and found all 9 staminas and 3 or 4 additional abilities (like fast climbing and fall resistance).

Short feedback:
Game impact, espesialy gliding are very good (except double jumps, they not).
Mountain music make me thrill, good selection.

I couldn't really jump diagonally, not sure if I needed to

You can jump diagonally with the boost option

I just jumped so high, I died when I fell down on the ground

Pretty fun, always get a bit of vertigo in these games but pushed through to get them all at the top.

Got the glide, got the drop boost, got the climbing boost. Cannot figure out how to get up past the glide boost. Is there a stamina I'm missing?

yes you go back the mineshaft and use glide to get one

It is hard to double jump because the glide activates most of the time when i try to double jump

The only way I have found to double jump is to span clicking the space bar which causes multiple jumps. Also, it would be good to have the jump and save button be different because when you are close to the save person it is impossible to jump and you could get stuck for a bit if you land behind them with no way to move around

I think you need to press thrice

Amazing game! 

If you go further in the game it reminds me of getting over it.

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