Move the mouse to make the central cube switch dimension.

This game is a submission for the Mini Jam 63.

The rules were : 

Make the game in 3 days, you can only use this color palette.

The theme was Future.

About the code

This game was done with JavaScript, the 3D graphics engine Three.js, and the 2D physics engine Matter.js

code on github


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Wow! This is one of the best I've played by far! Awesome graphics and very cool gameplay. And I can't believe you made it with Three.js!!! Also loved the level design! Damn purple things.... haha! Congrats!

Dude the graphics are sick! I really like the simplicity of this game. I think if you were to add some relaxing music and the ability to see different objects in each of the dimensions this could be a really cool artsy game! Great job! I had no idea there was a 3d game engine for js.

Also I see in your screen shots that there are a bunch of different levels. The only one I could see was the forest level though.

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Oh when you get to the wall on the right, you actually have to dive into a hole in the ground. It's a bit hard to see, you're not the only person to have missed it...

oh shoot I will try again then!


Thanks mate ! Graphics are not as good as your own submission though 😉 I wish I could do some postprocessing, got my hands into GLSL a bit but that's freaking hard...

There is actually no good game engine for JS, what I used is a rendering engine and a separate physics engine, both just programming libraries without editors. It's so tedious I'm thinking about making my own little game engine actually.

Did you try thebookofshadders? I thought they did a pretty good job getting you through the basics of GLSL. (although the journey does not end there. :))

Yes I went through it, it's an amazingly great resource ! But yeh the journey does not end there... I should just focus and set myself on practicing it for a while.

Doing the same here. I went back to my old algebra classes, which I feel helps. Their are some good ressources on youtube, too.  Check out 3blue1brown's linear algebra series for instance.